Full Pilates Training IN the Clear Lake area 2018

ME body is proud to offer Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training program, an internationally recognized program that provides both Classical and Progressive approach to Pilates that preserves the essence of the original technique as Joseph Pilates designed but incorporates today's knowledge and principles. You will learn the Pilates repertoire in both styles side by side from PSC Master Kimberly Campos. 

Just Announced  :   August 2018  Training Program

This all-inclusive 450+ hour course includes: 

- Pilates Mat Repertoire
- Reformer
- Cadillac/Trapeze Table
- Wunda/Combo Chair /Ladder Barrel
- Pilates Philosophy
- Client assessment and alignment protocol
- In-depth coverage of anatomy within each module

Full or Modular training available -choose one or choose them all.

Bridge discount given to previously certified Pilates Instructors in the module they are certified in full training includes Fundamentals, Pilates Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Anatomy.

2 Day Start Up Program Fundamentals and Philosophy (required for all programs)2 days of building the foundation of your teacher training program. Learn the alignment, cues, anatomy, and assessment needed to teach effectively. PMA CEC's available. 

This 450 + hour program is offered in a modular or a 16-week format. Comprehensive Course includes:

    The class size is limited to ensure a high level of attention and service. A fully photographic Manual will be provided to you for the course or module(s) you will attend.

    Fundamental Pilates principals and philosophies

    Client assessment and alignment protocol

    Anatomy and biomechanics taught using visual aids in an interactive environment

    Pilates Mat Repertoire

    Reformer Repertoire

    Cadillac/Trapeze Table Repertoire

    Wunda/Combo Chair Repertoire

    Ladder Barrel / Small Barrel / Spine Corrector

    Pilates Props skills utilizing the jump board, magic circle, rotating discs, balance/wobble board, foam rollers, thera bands and balls

    Combining Classical and Progressive Pilates styles with modifications and variations

    Creative training and program development skills for any level of proficiency

    Medical anatomical terminology

    Verbal and tactile cueing skills

    Attitude, confidence and composure of a professional instructor

    Studio etiquette and equipment safety

    Ethics and scope of practice

    Understanding indications and

      contraindications for specific injuries/dysfunctions and special circumstances

      15+ Hours of review of all material

      • Graduates of a Comprehensive Program will the meet criteria for, and be prepared to take, the PMA Certification Exam™


      No delayed modules, no extra testing fees, no levels, no delay in your education.

      No required PSC Continuing Education Workshops for graduates – all optional.

      Directory Listings, Job board and Workshops Available for Graduates.


      • Comprehensive Program:  $4,900.00 minus $500 deposit – all inclusive, no hidden fees! *does not include Small Apparatus Expo

      OR We Also Offer our Program as Modular Courses:

      • Fundamentals & Philosophy – $300
      • Pilates Mat – $1000 (Deposit of $100)
      • Reformer – $2000 (Deposit of $100)
      • Cadillac – $1000 (Deposit of $100)
      • Chair – $1000 (Deposit of $100)
      • Small Apparatus Weekend Expo

        (includes  Baby Arc, Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel , Pedi-Pull, Toe/Foot Corrector , 2x4, and Sand Bag)   – $450 (Deposit of $100)

      • Completion of all modules is required for graduate’s eligibility to apply for the PMA Exam.

      OR Private Courses:

      • $8,500  (Deposit of $500) – Choose your own schedule and get private tutoring with undivided attention through the course and work at your own pace to accomplish a Comprehensive or … Modular options, please inquire!

      Pilates Teacher Training Dates

      Same Great Pilates Course. Offered Two Times Starting  August 2018  Weekend  Training and  Weekday Training



      Starts August 24th Friday 5:30-9:30 p.m.

      FUNDAMENTALS  Aug.24 - 26th

      MAT PILATES Aug. 31-Sept. 16th

      REFORMER Sept. 21-October 28th

      CADILLAC  Nov. 2- 18th

      CHAIR  Nov. 25- Dec. 9th

      SMALL APPARATUS EXPO  Dec.14-16th


      pilates mat .jpg

      Starts August 27th Monday and Wednesday 10-2 p.m.

      FUNAMENTALS Aug.27 -29th

      MAT PILATES Sept. 5 -24th

      REFORMER Sept. 26- Nov. 5th

      CADILLIAC Nov. 28-Dec. 12

      CHAIR Nov. 28th-Dec. 12th

      SMALL APPARATUS  Dec. 17-19th