Classes are small and intimate


 *All reformer Classes require  2 Privates before attending Reformer classes


A wonderful, paced, balanced class.  You will move through classical work of basic/intermediate exercises. **Deliberate pace


Move with length and strength while stretching and refining balance/control on the Reformer and Tower. This Pilates work-out moves at a moderate pace.  Modifications and up-levels offered for those of various levels of experience.**Deliberate pace


A wonderful combination of reformer and tower , lengthen and balance on the reformer then challenge on the tower to see your balance connected to the springs . **Moderate pace

REFORMER 20/20/20

Picking up the pace. The best of 3 Pilates worlds: Reformer, Mat, and Tower, all within one hour.**Moderate-Accelerated pace


YES! YES! all of the equipment in an hour Chair , Tower , Full Cadillac, Jump Board , Pedi pull, Reformer ,Ladder Barrel *Moderate pace


Take a Ride on the Pilates equipment.  Class varies weekly using reformer, mat, jump, and tower exercises. Chair and High Ladder Barrel sometimes incorporated.  Students move at an accelerated pace for a cardio-based workout. You know the moves, you know the rules. so take it for a ride and reform.  Not your first Reformer Pilates class. **Accelerated pace

  * Must have had privates to attend grouper former class.


Oh YES! Start your race on the Spin bike for 30 minutes, and end lengthening on the reformer for a balanced 30 minute Pilates piece.**** Moderate to Accelearted pace


Who doesn't love to Jump and Jump and Jump some more? Working on the energy your feet give you, working up a sweat and increasing your heart beat all while laying down! The Reformer makes jumping low-impact (nice and light!) so we can all jumpThis class emphasizes use of the jump board for a cardio workout that strengthens the feet and legs, while toning the entire body. Perfect for those desiring a cross-training component to their regular exercise routine.   Exercises alternate between jump board and other Reformer/Tower tasks.** moderate/Accelerated pace



Pilates 101

A basic Pilates Mat class. This is a great place to start or to deepen your foundation.  Pilates 101 will always start with the fundamentals of Pilates, then get you moving from your Power House (core), and yes, we all have abs! Watch how Pilates can help your everyday lifestyle-it doesn't just stay in the studio.


YES! Pilates can rock your body. With an extra side kick series and deeper abdominal work, you will lengthen, strengthen and tone up that body. Body Rock Pilates/Stretch will end with a stretch, roller, strap or Yamuna body rolling, which is simply a nice way to add an extra touch to your assets.

Pilates with Toys

Toys! Toys! Toys! Magic Circles, Bands, Balls, Rollers. There is no age on toys. These TOYS are going to make your exercises deeper stronger, easier, harder, or maybe a little of it all. You are worth it so just have fun! 

Pilates Body

Pilates makes a great day! Oh, and also a great body. Enjoy the feeling Pilates gives you, noticing subtleties such as improved balance, strength, awareness and even more natural energy to enjoy life. In the Pilates body class you will run through a classical mat work, flowing from one move to the next. You will walk out feeling a little taller every time!

Pilates+Yoga Fusion

Flow at a moderate pace through Pilates and yoga exercises designed to improve core stability, flexibility and balance.  Like to sweat and move to invigorating music? This class is for you.  Mats provided or bring your own. 

Abs ,Arms and AZZ Pilates Mat

This AAA class is one powerful Mat class hitting those sweet spots with  a little more punch........ you will move using transitions and energy with lots of breath creating your own heat .  This is a RED HOT Pilates Mat class.  **accelerated pace


SPIN+PILATES = SPINLATES . 20 minutes of spinning, finished off with Pilates mat work that keeps you moving and lengthening. 



SUMMER ! taking a ride to be one with Nature is amazing and healing . Someday there's more paddling , some days there's more Pilates.  the weather is in charge either way you have an amazing work out !


Gentle Body Tune ups!

 This class provides a classic ballet barre warmup, followed by dance combinations: adagios, waltzes, basic turns, balances, and jumps. Intermediate-level options offered for those who desire additional complexity.

 * Footwear necessary: ballet slippers preferred.  Jazz shoes or non-slip socks can be substituted.


Stretch and Flexibility

Take the time to stretch so you don't break! You will be taken through several different types of stretching techniques, and hopefully find one that works for you (so you can stretch more often at home!) You will also find that regular stretching creates a natural balance in your body.

Body Tune-up Yamuna (body Rolling)

A tune up for your body! Release, relax, strengthen and lengthen in Yamuna Body Rolling (YBR). This focused class not only works on flexibility, but strength, balance, opening up the joints and posture as well. Using the Yamuna balls is like having your own masseuse at all times! Learn to breathe more deeply, relax, and elongate muscles, straighten without strain and perform to your maximum athletic potential. Just like any other stretching, Yamuna can improve your running, cycling, weight lifting, dancing, any other athletic activities, or just everyday life.*********** Please bring Yamuna balls to class , studio has a few sets to loan .



Want to go to a party? This is the class! Zumba is an amazing cardio workout! Drop those calories and get those feet moving to some fun latin tunes. and toning moves. This class is open to all levels so come and just have some fun!!


Everything a normal Zumba class has plus an extra lift! Zumba Toning includes specific focused movements while still dancing to the beat.


U-Jam Fitness® is an athletic urban dance fitness workout that combines dance and high energy music for a workout that is bound to get your heart rate up, your body moving, and make you work up a sweat -- all while having FUN!  U-JAM is more than a fitness class: it's an exhilarating experience that makes you forget you're working out, seeing students walk out of every class dripping in sweat and glowing with smiles. U-JAM has cultivated a social environment where students feel a sense of community and belonging. Besides making exercising fun, U-JAM believes that dance should be approachable and easy-to-follow, no matter what level you are!  Paired with the latest and hottest beats from all over the world, U-JAM strives to give our students the best of both worlds. U-Jam Fitness® is a program for all ages and fitness levels

barre CODES

**ALL barre CLASSES REQUIRE SOCKS WITH STICKIES                                           


barre 360: 

CODE: inner grace, longer, leaner, and more toned. This class takes your focus into some of the deepest muscles with tiny movements. Pilates principles and basic ballet dance moves will pull out that inner grace and beauty in everyone. barre 360 will lengthen, tone, and define your muscles all with fun gentle moves. You will get a full body workout with safe form for your body, while improving or maintaining a healthy posture. The class ends with amazing stretch to lengthen the muscles out. No experience required, just come with sticky socks and a smile! (a great place to start your first barre class)*sticky socks required *Deliberate/Moderate pace

barre 360flow  

CODE: stepping up a notch from barre 360.  barre 360 flow will build on barre 360, going in and upping the heart rate and intensity of some exercises. Barre 360 flow gives your body a little more of what its craving in the same amount of time without leaving the basics. The last 10 minutes is stretching, rolling out the body and letting go of stresses. *sticky socks required *Moderate /Accelera



barre 360 spin

An hour packed with all kinds of surprises.  Start with some beautiful stretching sculpting at the barre. Fire up those small muscle groups that you normally would with Barre 360 including all mind body, then take a ride on the spin bikes, sculpt and enjoy the journey.  Barre 360 spin will then bring your heart rate back down and get some ab and glute work in, and finish with a wonderful stretch to lengthen those muscles! *sticky socks required for barre, tennis shoes or cycle shoes needed for spin bike.