Fall 2017

We routinely offer special workshops that enable clients to go deeper into their understanding of Pilates and the complementary classes at our studio.  New workshops are announced monthly for Yamuna body rolling, ballet/barré conditioning, ballet,  children's classes and more.

2018 Workshop Schedule Coming Soon

Look for the following workshops and more:

Pilates Reformer                                  Jump board

Conditioning Workshop / Stretch, Balance, Jump & Tone on the Pilates Equipment

Yamuna (body rolling)

Tutu (ballet workshop)                    Ballet Foundation for Dance



Tutu W

orkshop with Monica M

Sunday 12/3/2017

6:30 -8:00 p.m.

Learn a version of the Four Little Swans Audience: Me Body ballet clients

If you have not taken ballet at The Me Body, please contact the studio if you are interested.        Cost: $35 ;

rehearsal tutus provided

Instructor: Monica Martens

Minimum 3 - maximum 6 Clients will not be charged the fee until we have reached a minimum.

Call the studio or email to add your name




(body rolling))

with Kimberly C.

Dates coming for 2018.

Learn how to “self fix”

In this group class, you will learn specific techniques to release each part of your body. Clients will havevarious sizes of Yamuna balls, depending on what parts of the body you are working. Some balls allow for more detailed muscle and tissue work, and other balls release tension to create relaxation and space from head to toe. As you roll through the body you feel your muscles “wake up.” The ball becomes the skilled hands of a therapist as you allow the ball to sink deep to the bone, reviving your tendons, muscles and ligaments – turning them on again. This “awakening” is something you can do for yourself. The beauty is you can practice it anywhere. Just you and the correct balls can make a world of difference.

You can fix you. No matter your age or shape, this works for YOU.

Many fitness systems and regimens can end up causing injuries, but YBR is developed to prevent injury. This method is effective for everyone. It will actually increase your vitality through deep myofascial release, bone stimulation and neurological re-patterning so you can achieve a more beneficial structural alignment. Through YBR you can have a strong, toned, pain-free and un-restricted body. Give your body a sense of freedom

   Kimberly  will be walking you through a wonderful hour and a half    with the Yamuna body balls. A great re-fresure course for some of yall  on how wonderful those Yamuna balls can make you feel.   You do have to have your own Yamuna balls for Workshop so you can take them home and work on your body.    BENEFITS Improved posture ,Increased range of motion, Improved alignment in all parts of the body, Increased muscle tone, Increased flexibility Increased organ function.

Cost : Workshop and Yamuna balls $60

Workshop (bringing your Yamuna balls)  $30

extra detailing balls can be purchased and a Pump also for additional cost



Children's Dance Workshops

ME Body Studio has historically offered dance and exercise workshops for children. This Januarywe have two options.  Visit our Relevé Workshops: Stand Tall ! web page for more information